Who We Are

Alliance of Surgical Distributors (ASD) is a group of established regional specialty sales and service teams specializing in products used in the Operating Room.  Our combined regional knowledge along with our extensive experience in educational support, product launch, device development, and services make us an excellent clinical resource and alternative to general “big box” distribution.

Healthcare Systems
We continue to work with all major Healthcare Systems. We look forward to continuing to help you get access to innovative technology and deliver the best possible care.

Meet Our Founding Members

Adler Instruments

Headquartered in florida

Cunningham Woodland Inc

Headquartered in Massachusetts

Herzog Surgical

Headquartered in California

NorthStar Surgical

Headquartered in minnesota

O.R. Specialties

Headquartered in michigan

Physician Solutions

in Kansas

Stone Mountain Surgical

in utah

Streamline Hospital Services

Headquartered in

4U Solutions

in Pensylvania

Learn more about our Product Lines

Collectively, Alliance of Surgical Distributors represents 100+ surgical & medical manufacturers and brands.

Our Commitment

To Manufacturers we propose to deliver:

Aid in setting up national US Distribution for new products - Allow the opportunity to launch regionally and test individual markets without commitment to a dictated national program - Facilitate initial exposure to collect pre-launch device feedback - Get highly educated insight on markets, customers, and competition.

To our clinical customers we will strive to offer:

Ongoing Clinical education on a multitude of devices and services - Support for education goals for OR and SPD groups - A source for alternatives to the standard Large public healthcare companies proposals (keeping them honest in a consolidating market) - A commitment to continue to deliver reliable and valuable representation - Products and services that we strive to deliver economically, technologically, and ecologically advantageous and sound.

Proud Supporters

We are happy to be supporters of several associations and non-profit organizations.